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Kronoshev is a brand new, young, modern company that offers cutting-edge technology and services. We wanted to create the best service on the market to connect celebrities, influencers, artists, bloggers, and their fans in order to make everyone's lives better. Guess what? We did it! So why not join this digital and social revolution? Become a part of Kronoshev's family today!


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We want to be the first fair social media on the planet. And what's the best way to do that if not using blockchain technology, which is based on transparency? We will protect the ownership of all content posted on our platform with digital fingerprints and timestamps. What you post will always be just yours


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Francesco Caresio

CEO, Founder and Talent Recruitment Manager

Francesco is an international business student. Even though he's just 21, he has 5 years of previous experience in his own technology and retail business and 2 years of experience in the crypto market. He's studied Psychology and Marketing, and he has already worked for large enterprises.

He sees every little opportunity and converts it into a new business, always bringing innovation to the company.

With his confidence and great sense of humor, he can interact with every kind of client making sure he'll be willing to come back.

By founding this business, he's chasing a lifelong dream.


"You cannot rest on your laurels as a sensual woman. Remember, your life is like that of an influencer. Meaning your yesterday's "wow" quickly becomes your today's ordinary. Always keep in mind that your value comes from your creations."

Lebo Grand



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